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LA- Shelter in the Circle pt.2
Matthias splashed lazily through the still flooded streets of the North District. The muck almost felt permanently attached to his paws and even though the rain had dialed back, it was no consolation for the cold now settling in. The scarred mutt shook himself simply out of habit to get some water out of his ear that quickly dripped back in. He flicked his ears on regular counts of two and scanned the murmuring street rivers with a heavy gaze. 
"The sky is heavy and dark, but such a common thing to remark. Keep your head up, my dear. The wind will howl, the earth will sink, but never fear. Near, leer, deer. The deer of the forest are probably much slower, at least until the water is lower." He chuckled under his shaking breath. Coming up with simple rhymes kept Matthias' mind off of his own physical misery. His back would quiver occasionally and the temperature irritated the thin skin of his scars. 
A quiet, constant panting soon caught the sentinel's attention as he wandered
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LA- Bearer of Good News Final
"Yea, I guess I'm a... guard type thing. I'll tell our leader if it's really that important." Sunday bit her tongue and shook her head slightly. "Sorry, so what is it?"
"There was a dog that hurt a member of your pack. Big, red, sharp teeth.  His name was Clay." Said Folli, wondering if the dog in front of her might have encountered Clay. "You guys won't have to worry about him anymore. He's dead."
Sunday started, taking a jerky step away from the poodle. "W-what? How do you-" Then she remembered what she told the Circle's pack leader about looking for him. Surely, Sencha must have passed such information to her subordinates. "H-how are you so certain it was him? Are you s-sure he's dead?" Her heart beat irraticly in her chest and a bit of her neck fur fluffed up.
"I wasn't sure at first, because he was using a different name, but in the end, there was no doubt. He even began refering to himself as Clay. And I know he's dead, I helped take him down."  Replied Folli, noting th
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Lost Athens- What It Means To Be Free
Bishop gave a heavy sigh, glancing over at the spaniel who rested beside him. 'Punishment', the old man had said. What good would punishing the spaniel do? He knew better than anyone that you couldn't force someone to stay alive, and wording it like they were punishing her was only going to make her resent him. The golden dane didn't hae anything against keeping an eye on Sunday, but he wished the Grandfather had been more tactful about it. Gently, he nudged the spaniel.
"Hey, you awake?" He asked softly.
Sunday violently twitched as she slept, scrunching her nose and irritably flexing her toes. Feeling something touch her side, the little spaniel jumped awake with a high-pitched yelp. Her heart beat rapidly until she processed that the presence was Bishop, not the beast in her nightmare. She shook herself lightly and let out a quiet sigh.
"Sorry, any sleep I get is pretty light and... well, active, to say the least."
Sunday let her gaze linger on the golden dane mutt before it fell to
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Lost Athens- Taking a Chance
After her evening meeting Bishop, Sunday felt the knot in her stomach loosen a bit. Her nightmares subsided for the night and a full belly helped too. The sweetness of spring finally began to bring her a bit of joy, though not enough to rid her of her inner anger. Her eyes still felt heavy and the fur on her back was kept on edge. Though the last few strangers had meant her no harm, that gave no pretense to future encounters. 
But she did feel like taking a risk. Putting on a rabbit's scent, the little spaniel took a deep breath before wandering into the maze of the North District. It smelled heavily of piss on the boarders but once she dared to venture further in, it settled down. Sunday began to feel a twinge of paranoia as the walls got closer the further she went and scrambled up every set of stairs she could find on a wide road. Though she could still see the sky, the walls still gave off the aura of a cave, entrapment. 
Sunday started humming to herself and found that t
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Lost Athens- Pushing All The Wrong Buttons
Dean and At Fault had wandering for days. The good thing was that they had each other so it was not unbearably lonely and more entertaining. Dean was used to wandering on his own, but that was when he had new sights to see and places to explore. That was fun. This was pack business.
That wasn’t saying they had no fun. Dean couldn’t think of anyone he would rather have by his side, and the two constantly talked about how exciting and wonderful nature was, even in winter.
But the truth of the matter is that they had been searching for the red dog for days. No one had a nose quite like Dean’s, but he was new to tracking and they did not have the red dog’s scent to begin with, only what he probably looked like and the direction he was probably in. They had even asked a few dogs here and there, but none knew about the one they were looking for. Thus they had to settle for combing the area high and low, with the exception of intruding into pack territory.
Dean stopped
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Lost Athens- Sentinels Commissioned
Sencha was laying under the barren winter trees on the Western border of the Circle's territory, waiting for the pack's two males. In Summer she imagined these trees would provide fine shade and a cool place to rest, but for now they were only thick boughs of wood reaching into the sky.
The collie whuffed softly, her breath misting in the chill air. There had been a number of distractions that kept her from addressing thi issue she'd brough up with Dean when they first took in Little Thing. That was to be expected; winter meant that the entire pack was busy. Ideally she wouldn't have liked to do something of this nature during such a dangerous season.
But it couldn't wait any longer. Not if things were to go as she hoped.
Dean had just had the pleasure of making sure his new badger friend, Iris, was settled in the territory. At least, he would like to think they were friends. One rarely meets a badger. Iris had picked a spot of dirt within The Circle’s territory and grumpily set
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Lost Athens- Street Smarts 7 by AmiliaLongTail Lost Athens- Street Smarts 7 :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 1 4 Lost Athens- Street Smarts 3 by AmiliaLongTail Lost Athens- Street Smarts 3 :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 3 3
Lost Athens- Sorrows and Furies
It was close to midday, and Fierro was once again by his favourite spot by the riverbank. The white mastiff rolled onto his back in satisfaction. Now that the air had became significatively chilly, so that his long hair wasn't a bother but a valuable ally, he could fully enjoy the Sun warmth.
The Grandfather was out of earshot, and Fierro hadn't seen him since their territory-marking stroll early that morning. Shame on that, since he had managed to succesfully hunt, and after partially satisfying his own hunger, he was eager to share with someone else. It had taken some struggling, and he earned a few scratches in his face and left shoulder in the process, but he had killed a male bustard, whose partially eaten corpse laid within the mastiff's reach.
He looked at the dead bird, and made a grimace, regretting that he didn’t get to say GoodBye to his almost friend, Little Thing. He wondered if he’d ever met her again. Echo had left them as well, but he was sure the wise pitbu
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Lost Athens- Street Smarts by AmiliaLongTail Lost Athens- Street Smarts :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 2 4 Lost Athens- Mud Reference by AmiliaLongTail Lost Athens- Mud Reference :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 4 5
Lost Athens- Luck Changing
At Fault's mind wandered back to when he had left Dean a few days before. Was he alright? What had he discovered? Most of what At Fault had found were mean chickens and rats. Plus, he was growing more suspicious of the old stone overhangs. He needed to find company and quickly. In the distance were the sounds of moving paws. Ecstatic, he began lopping in that direction, tongue hanging out of his mouth from his massive smile.
Sencha shook her head as the edges of her vision blurred. Her hearing was coming and going, and she was only half paying attention to the conversation going on between Pekoe and Folli. Her pawsteps were unsure, and she was overcome with the oddest sense of deja vu.
"So then," Pekoe went on, "I told the big ugly bird to go away, or I'd eat him! Crows are so rude, don't you agree? They just sit at the top of trees and shout insults at you. And they don't even taste good."
"Ugh, I agree. They're so dirty, one tried to make its nest in my hair! Can you belive it? And t
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LA- Catching a Break Final
At Fault quietly gave a sigh of relief as the stranger had heard him and avoided a similar fate. With is arrival came the distinct smell of fish; which At Fault found ironic as he entered the water. He smiled sheepishly at the hound dog's greeting.
"Yea, can't argue with that. Sad I just so happen to be the thoughtless one."
Just as the newcomer opened his mouth to reply, the scarred mutt continued. "But don't damn me just yet, stranger! While it is true I am the one to cause the ants such grief, it was not of my intention." At Fault paced slowly in the shallows, kicking up his paws and holding his head high for effect. "You see, upon me is placed a curse, if you can believe it. Bad luck is my lot and 'tis a fate I cannot escape. My misfortune today happened to be by the hands, and at the detriment, of our small but mighty friends here! It is by your own good luck that you have not suffered the same."
The mutt gave a deep bow, his nose ever so slightly touching the r
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Lost Athens- No One Escapes Unscarred by AmiliaLongTail Lost Athens- No One Escapes Unscarred :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 5 8 Quincy's Been Listening to Some Macklemore Lately by AmiliaLongTail Quincy's Been Listening to Some Macklemore Lately :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 0 4 Lost Athens- Smooth Operators by AmiliaLongTail Lost Athens- Smooth Operators :iconamilialongtail:AmiliaLongTail 4 6

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Updating Jurassic aged journal at the request of AlfaFilly >8C

Gee, I just don't know how to write journal's anymore. Hence reinforcing my claim that I should not be allowed to keep one :dummy:

Still writtin'. Still drawin' Merrily strolling through life except for the times it likes to punch me in the face and call my mother fat, to which I respond by kicking it in the shins and running away. Otherwise, all is moderately well! Last semester as a high school student started, that's pretty trippy. Strange how things change into things you never anticipated. I remember being in elementary school staring up at the upper school campus and thinking: "I'm never going to live that long." And yet here I stand! Yay!

But that's enough sentimental silliness~ Hope ya'll are doing just as well :heart:

Trying out for the part of Mr. Smee,
~ Ami :tea:


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